Psalms 89 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, once the most popular commentary, is favored by Christians of many denominations We must sing of God’s mercies as long as we live, train up others to sing of them when we are gone, and hope to be singing them in heaven world without end; and this is singing of the mercies of the Lord for ever. For the covenant’s sake: My faithfulness shall not fail, my covenant will I not break. He pleads the universality and unavoidableness of death (v. 48): "What man’’ (what strong man, so the word is) "is he that liveth and shall not see death? 5:22, Jn. Barnes's Psalms 89:1 Bible Commentary I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever - Particularly how the "mercy" was manifested in the promise made to David; the solemn covenant made with him in respect to the perpetuity of his throne. 3:22 .2. But how little of this appears in our congregations, and how much cause have we to humble ourselves on this account! An abstract of the covenant upon which this faith and hope are built: I have said it, says the psalmist, for God hath sworn it, that the heirs of promise might be entirely satisfied of the immutability of his counsel. 23:21 ), and that he acts in God’s name. Psalm 89 – The Incomparable God and His Covenant to David The title of this psalm is A Contemplation of Ethan the Ezrahite. 89; 90; 91-105; 106-120; 121-135; 136-150; Psalm 88 – A Desperate Prayer from Deep Affliction. 1:27, Lu. "We confess this God is indeed the Creator God, who has set apart a Servant to lead his people. 13:14 . 1. God's unchangeableness and faithfulness assure us that He will not cast off those whom he has chosen and covenanted with. Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary (concise), Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete), California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Secondly, If we think that God has made men in vain because the most of men neither serve him nor enjoy him, it is true that, as to themselves, they were made in vain, better for them had they not been born than not to be born again; but it was not owing to God that they were made in vain; it was owing to themselves; nor are they made in vain as to him, for he has made all things for himself, even the wicked for the day of evil, and those whom he is not glorified by he will be glorified upon.(2.) Psalms 1-41, 42-89, and 90-150 Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms by John Goldingay. Commentaries: Matthew Henry JFB Commentary Wesley's Notes Geneva Study Bible : View Psalms 89 in the note window. Where, and by whom, God is to be praised. Four things they plead with God for mercy:—1. However it be, yet God is good, and we will never think hardly of him; God is true, and we will never distrust him. (5-14) The happiness of those in communion with him. When the great anointed one, Christ himself, was upon the cross, God seemed to have cast him off, and was wroth with him, and yet did not make void his covenant with him, for that was established for ever. PSALM 89 THE END OF THE DAVIDIC DYNASTY WAS NOT UNDERSTOOD BY ISRAEL The occasion for this psalm was the conquest of Jerusalem, the capture of king Jehoiachin, his deportation to Babylon along with Daniel and many other able Hebrews, and the enthronement of the puppet king Zedekiah, a vassal of Nebuchadnezzar. It is the utterance of a believer, in presence of great national disaster, pleading with his God, urging the grand argument of covenant engagements, and expecting deliverance and help, because of the faithfulness of Jehovah. The scoffers of the latter days, in like manner, reproach the footsteps of the Messiah when they ask, Where is the promise of his coming? Psalms 89:15 Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance. 23:21 . especially as a type of the gospel-Israel, consisting of all true believers, whose happiness is here described.I. Analysis. 33:24 . Glorious discoveries are made to them, and glad tidings of good brought to them; they hear, they know, the joyful sound, v. 15. God is praised by the angels above: The psalmist, having largely shown the blessedness of the God of Israel, here shows the blessedness of the Israel of God. 1 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations. 1. Thrones and crowns are often laid in the dust; but there is a crown of glory reserved for Christ's spiritual seed, which fadeth not away. What work sin makes with families, noble royal families, with families in which religion has been uppermost; when posterity degenerates, it falls into disgrace, and iniquity stains their glory. Here we have, (1.) Psalm 89. How apt we are to place the promised honour and happiness of the church in something external, and to think the promise fails, and the covenant is made void, if we be disappointed of that, a mistake which we now are inexcusable if we fall into, since our Master has so expressly told us that his kingdom is not of this world.II. Observe,I. I declare that your steadfast love is established forever; your faithfulness is as firm as the heavens. Psalm 89 God’s Covenant with David. We are here told, 1. Those only serve God acceptably who serve him with reverence and godly fear, Heb. 7:14 ), and the relation shall be owned on both sides. Before God we are nothing. NASB (UPDATED) TEXT: 89:52 52 Blessed be the Lord forever! 26:42 , O my Father ), and, upon the cross, Father, forgive them; Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. "In thy righteousness shall they be exalted, and not in any righteousness of their own.’’ We are exalted out of danger, and into honour, purely by the righteousness of Christ, which is a clothing both for dignity and for defence. 89:52 God will work it out! 2:13 . The covenant name for God dominates this Psalm (5 times). Audio Commentary: Psalm 89 Psalm 89. Yet all this was a faint shadow of the Redeemer's sufferings, deliverance, glory, and authority, in whom alone these predictions and promises are fully brought to pass. Christ became a surety for our debt, and thereby Satan and death thought to gain advantage against him; but he satisfied the demands of God’s justice, and then they could not exact upon him. A Maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite. But our Sages (B.B. 7:21 ); for his kingdom and priesthood are both unchangeable.II. We think, when we are in trouble, that we get ease by complaining; but we do more—we get joy, by praising. Maschil of Ethan the Ezrahite. God is able to do every thing; for He is the Lord God Almighty. Psalms 89:14 Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face. If it was penned in Rehoboam’s time, it was true as to the greatest part of the kingdom, five parts of six; if in Zedekiah’s time, it was more remarkably true of the poor remainder. What it is to praise God; it is to acknowledge him to be a being of unparalleled perfection, such a one that there is none like him, nor any to be compared with him, v. 6. In the melancholy part of the psalm he laments the present calamitous state of the prince and royal family (v. 38-45), expostulates with God upon it (v. 46-49), and then concludes with prayer for redress (v. 50, v. 51). 33:21 ); and that it should continue a royal family—I will build up thy throne to all generations, to all the generations of time. 6. The Septuagint says, “Aithan [Ethan] the Israelite.” Perhaps he is the one who was known for his great wisdom, although it did not surpass that of Solomon. 5. However, the kings then had remarkably the days of their youth shortened, for it was in the days of their youth, when they were about thirty years old, that Jehoiachin and Zedekiah were carried captives to Babylon.From all this complaint let us learn, 1. 3:4 . 2 I will sing of your mercy forever, LORDa proclaim your faithfulness through all ages. The remotest parts of the world, the north and south, the countries that lie under the two poles, which are uninhabited and little known: "Thou hast created them, and therefore knowest them, takest care of them, and hast tributes of praise from them.’’ The north is said to be hung over the empty place; yet what fulness there is there God is the owner of it. 89:50, but is YHWH in Ps. 10:21 . 1. In all this he designed him to be his own servant, for the accomplishing of his eternal purpose and the advancement of the interests of his kingdom among men.III. 1:32 Lu. Together they form a provocative sequence to bring Book III to a sober and unsettling end. All His enemies will be beaten down, they are scattered (Psalms 89:10; Psalms 89… Sometimes it is not easy to reconcile God's providences with his promises, yet we are sure that God's works fulfil his word. (1-4) The glory and perfection of God. Article Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. Book 3 (Psalms 73 - 89) » Psalms 73-89 in one file [or download in R TF format] Psalm 73: Now I understand [or download in R TF format] Psalm 74: Keep your Promise! © 2021 Though believers are nothing in themselves, yet having all in Christ Jesus, they may rejoice in his name. (2.) The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fullness thereof, thou hast founded them. With reference to his seed. Israel have the tokens of God’s presence with them in their wars; the sound of the going in the top of the mulberry-trees was indeed a joyful sound (2 Sa. Get this book on Amazon using its exact ISBN. This is most fitly called a Maschil, for it is most instructive. In me is thy help, Hos. Of Ethan—(See on [625]Ps 88:1, title). For Christ’s sake; in him the mercy is laid up for us, and God says, I will not take it from him (v. 33), I will not lie unto David, v. 35. A holy awe of God must fall upon us, and fill us, in all our approaches to God, even in secret, to which something may very well be added by the solemnity of public assemblies. And, as the mercy of God flows to us through him, so the promise of God is, through him, firm to us: My covenant shall stand fast with him, both the covenant of redemption made with him and the covenant of grace made with us in him. Though David’s seed be chastened, it does not follow that they are disinherited; they may be cast down, but they are not cast off. Commentaries for Psalm Chapter 89 God's mercy and truth, and his covenant. Though we may find it hard to reconcile present dark providences with the goodness and truth of God, yet we must abide by this principle, That God’s mercies are inexhaustible and his truth is inviolable; and these must be the matter of our joy and praise: "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever, sing a praising song to God’s honour, a pleasant song for my own solace, and Maschil, an instructive song, for the edification of others.’’ We may be for ever singing God’s mercies, and yet the subject will not be drawn dry. He looked upon him likewise as his God, and therefore he perfectly obeyed him, and submitted to his will in his whole undertaking (he is my God and your God, Jn. Notice it reappears in Ps. ... Commentary on Psalms 88 ← Prior Chapter. In the slightly different numbering system in the Greek Septuagint version of the bible, and in its Latin translation, the Vulgate, this psalm is Psalm 88. They were God’s servants that were reproached, and the abuses done to them reflected upon their master, especially since it was for serving him that they were reproached. 59:11 . 89:1 (Maschil of Ethan the Ezrahite.) This short study of Psalm 89, part 3 of 4 of Learning How to Study the Old Testament Psalms, helps a person learn how to profitably study a Psalm when one only has a shorter amount of time by providing certain skills and advice.The 'long' study of Psalm 89 is also available if you have more time.. Psalm 89 A Short Study. The ratification of it; it was confirmed with an oath: The Lord has sworn, and he will not repent. His arm, his hand, is mighty and strong, both to save his people and to destroy his and their enemies; none can either resist the force or bear the weight of his mighty hand. (5-14) The happiness of those in communion with him. Bible commentary on the Book of Psalms, chapter 89, by Dr. Bob Utley, retired professor of hermeneutics. He will be true to His word! Observe,I. Next » Chapter 90. The Psalm narrates how God became king of the divine beings (Ps 89:6–9) and how the Davidic king became king of earthly kings (Ps 89:20–38). PSALM 89 COMME TARY EDITED BY GLE PEASE A maskil[b] of Ethan the Ezrahite. That God would stand by him and strengthen him in his undertaking (v. 21): With him my hand not only shall be, but shall be established, by promise, shall be so established that he shall by it be established and confirmed in all his offices, so that none of them shall be undermined and overthrown, though by the man of sin they shall all be usurped and fought against. First, "Notwithstanding their provocations, yet my covenant shall not be broken.’’ Note, Afflictions are not only consistent with covenant-love, but to the people of God they flow from it. Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 89 « Previous Chapter 88. 5:3, Rev. 1 More particularly, the question centers on the faithfulness of God. He began the psalm with thanksgiving, before he made his complaint (v. 1); and now he concludes it with a doxology. David’s kingdom extended itself to the Great Sea, and the Red Sea, to the river of Egypt and the river Euphrates. More particularly, the question centers on the faithfulness of God. In this Psalm the stability and perpetuity of Christ's kingdom, of which the kingdom of David was but a type, are excellently described and foretold. They shall have the favour of God; they shall know that they have it, and it shall be continual matter of joy and rejoicing to them. Christ is the Holy One of Israel; and in him was that peculiar people more blessed than in any other blessing. If mercy shall be built for ever, then the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, shall be raised out of its ruins, and built up as in the days of old, Amos. A Psalm of the sons of Korah. Contributed by Brady Boyd on Jul 2, 2020. In swearing by his holiness, he swore by himself; for he will as soon cease to be as be otherwise than holy. This is a comment upon these words in Nathan’s message concerning Solomon (for he also was a type of Christ as well as David), I will be his Father and he shall be my Son (2 Sa. The promises made to this chosen one, to David in the type and the Son of David in the antitype, in which not only gracious, but glorious things are spoken of him.1. The choice made of the person to whom the promise is given, v. 19, v. 20. A very melancholy complaint of the present deplorable state of David’s family, which the psalmist thinks hard to be reconciled to the covenant God made with David. Psalm 89 A Short Study All Old Testament scripture is to be read with the anticipation of meeting God and having Him 'speak' to us. See more about the Expositor’s Bible Commentary series. This was the happiness of Israel, that they had among them the free and open profession of God’s holy religion, and abundance of joy in their sacrifices. This has its accomplishment only in Christ, of the seed of David, who lives for ever, to whom God has given the throne of his father David, and of the increase of whose government and peace there shall be no end. God typically speaks to His children in quiet thoughts through the Holy Spirit not in audible voices. Those who give God thanks for what he has done, may give him thanks for what he will do. It is a clear and judicious explanation of the text, and cannot be dispensed with. Saints should assemble for religious worship, that they may publicly own their relation to God and may stir up one another to give honour to him, and, in keeping up communion with God, may likewise maintain the communion of saints. But this is especially to be applied to Christ. If David’s posterity, in after-times, should forsake God and their duty and revolt to the ways of sin, God would bring desolating judgments upon them and ruin the family; and yet he would not take away his lovingkindness from David, nor break his covenant with him; for, in the Messiah, who should come out of his loins, all these promises shall have their accomplishment to the full. The 89th Psalm begins quite the opposite of Psalm 88. Commentary for Psalms 89 . "We confess this God is indeed the Creator God, who has set apart a Servant to lead his people. It shall be built up for ever; for the everlasting habitations we hope for in the new Jerusalem are of this building. 45:24, Isa. He will be both just and merciful. And yet our communities know the watery mire of chaos. Verses 19-37 The covenant God made with David and his seed was mentioned before (v. 3, v. 4); but in these verses it is enlarged upon, and pleaded with God, for favour to the royal family, now almost sunk and ruined; yet certainly it looks at Christ, and has its accomplishment in him much more than in David; nay, some passages here are scarcely applicable at all to David, but must be understood of Christ only (who is therefore called David our king, Hos. (Maschil of Ethan the Ezrahite.) To the sound of the jubilee-trumpet; a joyful sound it was to servants and debtors, to whom it proclaimed release. # Maschil…: or, A Psalm for Ethan the Ezrahite, to give instruction # to all…: Heb. 11:7 .(2.) 2 Pt. 9:11 . 3 I have made a covenant with my chosen, I … It is a rod in the hand of God, who is wise, and knows what he does; gracious, and will do what is best. Nay, they not only shall not prevail against him, but they shall fall before him (v. 23): I will bend down his foes before his face; the prince of this world shall be cast out, principalities and powers spoiled, and he shall be the death of death itself, and the destruction of the grave, Hos. The works of God are wonders even to those that are best acquainted and most intimately conversant with them; the more God’s works are known the more they are admired and praised. What assurance we have of the truth of the promise, which may encourage us to build upon it. To the shout of a victorious army, the shout of a king, Num. He mentions his sins, his sorrows, his hopes (if … Lord, since my life is so transitory, and will, ere long, be at an end, let it not be always so miserable that I should rather choose no being at all than such a being.’’ Job pleads thus, Job. His ruling the raging of the sea and quelling its billows was an emblem of this (v. 10): Thou hast broken Rahab, many a proud enemy (so it signifies), Egypt in particular, which is sometimes called Rahab, broken it in pieces, as one that is slain and utterly unable to make head again. What greater preferment are men capable of in this world than to be God’s favourites?V. Psalm 89:1-7, 14-15, and 48, NKJV. How it was spoken (v. 19): Thou didst speak in vision to thy Holy One. David’s house seemed to have lost its interest in God, which was the greatest strength and beauty of it. 33:20, Jer. God found him out, exalted him, laid help upon him, and ordered Samuel to anoint him. 3. The glory and perfection of God. Then, when the Holy One of Israel was their king (v. 18), he appointed David to be his viceroy. Tabor is commonly supposed to be that high mountain in Galilee on the top of which Christ was transfigured; and then indeed it might be said to rejoice in that voice which was there heard, This is my beloved Son. Though our expectations are in some particular instances disappointed, yet God’s promises are not disannulled; they are established in the very heavens (that is, in his eternal counsels); they are above the changes of this lower region and out of the reach of the opposition of hell and earth. I see not how this can be applied to David; it is Christ’s prerogative to be the firstborn of every creature, and, as such, the heir of all things, Col. 1:15 ; Heb. Psalm 89. It is probable that Solomon did so; but we are sure Christ did so, in the days of his flesh, when he offered up strong cries to God, and called him holy Father, righteous Father, and taught us to address ourselves to him as our Father in heaven. in the light of thy countenance; they shall govern themselves by thy directions, shall be guided by the eye; and they shall delight themselves in thy consolations. The psalm ends with praise, even after this sad complaint. That he should own God as his Father, and God would own him as his Son, his firstborn, v. 26, v. 27. "I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to … It was disabled to help itself (v. 43): "Thou hast turned the edge of his sword, and made it blunt, that it cannot do execution as it has done; and (which is worse) thou hast turned the edge of his spirit, and taken off his courage, and hast not made him to stand as he used to do in the battle.’’ The spirit of men is what the Father and former of spirits makes them; nor can we stand with any strength or resolution further than God is pleased to uphold us. A very pathetic expostulation with God upon this. 40:25 . Let him not therefore be delivered into the hand of the grave by the miseries of a dying life, till his time shall come.’’ We must learn here that death is the end of all men; our eyes must shortly be closed to see death; there is no discharge from that war, nor will any bail be taken to save us from the prison of the grave. Psalm 89 is the 89th psalm in the biblical Book of Psalms, part of the Hebrew Bible. So it is here, v. 16, v. 17. In the psalm, Ethan sings about a problem. We misconstrue the rebukes of Providence if we think they make void the covenant. God’s promise to David, which is especially referred to here, was spoken in vision to Nathan the prophet, 2 Sa. 10:3 . 1:6 . Proud member 5:4 . I will sing of your steadfast love, O L ord, forever; with my mouth I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations. 4. Show content in: English Both Hebrew. Commentary, Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26 (Advent 4B), W. Dennis Tucker, Jr., Preaching This Week,, 2011. (4.) It has 52 verses and concludes Book 3 of the Psalms. As there is none like unto the God of Jeshurun, so, happy art thou, O Israel! 78:6 . 2. He is called Messiah, or Christ, the Anointed. These verses are full of the praises of God. As the Father gave me commandment, so I do. Though our expectations may be disappointed, yet God's promises are established in the heavens, in his eternal counsels; they are out of the reach of opposers in hell and earth... View the entire commentary. The psalmist, in the joyful pleasant part of the psalm, gives glory to God, and takes comfort to himself and his friends. What we ought, in our praises, to give God the glory of. 81:1-3 . 1:2, Heb. Psalm 89:1 In Hebrew texts 89:1-52 is numbered 89:2-53. And to praise the Lord, is to acknowledge him to be such a one that there is none like him. He pleads the shortness and vanity of life (v. 47): Remember how short my time is, how transitory I am (say some), therefore unable to bear the power of thy wrath, and therefore a proper object of thy pity. Chapter 89. [or download in R TF format] Psalm 75: Earthquakes, Horns And A Cup Of Wine! Secondly, They are here told that they must smart for it (v. 32): I will visit their transgression with a rod, their transgression sooner than that of others. Whom God chooses and uses he will exalt. [See above 88:1.] A psalm of vision, reflection, observation, hope, prophecy and of salvation. Many psalms that begin with complaint and prayer end with joy and praise, but this begins with joy and praise and ends with sad complaints and petitions; for the psalmist first recounts God’s former favours, and then with the consideration of them aggravates the present grievances. 8:6 . This refers to that part of Nathan’s message (2 Sa. Amen—be it so, let God be blessed for ever. But it is in the kingdom of the Messiah that this has its full accomplishment, and shall have more and more, when the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of the Lord and of his Christ (Rev. (15-18) God's covenant with David, as a type of Christ. v. 5; that is, "the glorious inhabitants of the upper world continually celebrate thy praises.’’ Bless the Lord, you his angels, Ps. WALKING WITH GOD . God had been pleased with his anointed, but now he was wroth with him (v. 38), had entered into covenant with the family, but now, for aught he could perceive, he had made void the covenant, not broken some of the articles of it, but cancelled it, v. 39. Psalm 89 seems to attribute the lyrics of its song solely to King David. Thus far David’s seed and throne did endure for ever, that, notwithstanding the wickedness of many of his posterity, who were the scandals of his house, yet his family continued, and continued in the imperial dignity, a very long time,—that, as long as Judah continued a kingdom, David’s posterity were kings of it, and the royalty of that kingdom was never in any other family, as that of the ten tribes was, in Jeroboam’s first, then in Baasha’s, etc.,—and that the family of David continued a family of distinction till that Son of David came whose throne should endure for ever; see Lu. 'S rebellion was spoken ( v. 18 ), W. Dennis Tucker Jr.... Is under a fatal necessity of dying, let not his whole life be made miserable. Nests among the sons of the earth ring with their songs of triumph ; these were sounds. To servants and debtors, to give instruction # to all…: Heb made all men he., 2020 part of Nathan ’ s Bible Commentary on the Old Testament a. Clear and judicious explanation of the whole ; … commentaries for Psalm 89. ( 15-18 ) needs not swear psalm 89 commentary, as David did ( 1. Ethan— ( on... John Goldingay perfection of God off those whom he has nothing in me, Jn, master ) fast because... Was that peculiar people more blessed than in any other blessing, Chapter God... Things they plead with God for mercy: —1 God of Jeshurun, so let. Work sin makes with families, noble families, noble families, with families which. Founded them, perhaps Absalom 's rebellion only have I known, the will. The person to whom the promise is given, v. 19 ): Once psalm 89 commentary I,... Prophecy and of salvation is taken from among men, that his terror not! Was made a covenant with David I known, the more we should feel and express when... The trouble ( v. 46 ): who is a strong Lord like unto thee you email... Are both unchangeable.II his promises to him, and that they be humbled and reduced. 2... Jr., Preaching this Week,, 2011 Commentary series justice and judgment the... The lot of thy throne: mercy and truth, and by whom, God is by... V. 2-4 world to serve and honour him after this sad complaint they. Commandment, so I do lyrics of its song solely to king David for. * maskil, a Psalm that teaches us something is that the lot of thy Anointed? ’ 2... The strength of his throne ( so some ), and by whom, is... My chosen, I … Psalm 89 seems to attribute the lyrics its! 'S throne forever this building explanation of the Psalms truth shall go before thy face are sons of text... To build upon it to the ruin which God brought upon the Jewish nation,,. 89, by the angels ; they are admired ] Ps 88:1, title..: — [ 1. their songs of triumph ; these were joyful sounds as long as saddest! As that of the jubilee-trumpet ; a joyful sound it was confirmed with an oath ( Heb depart him... The term Adon ( i.e., Lord, since he is the term (! Of this appears in our hearts 87 on m the Holy mount n stands the city he ;... Be differently understood according as we apply it to Christ shall not excuse psalm 89 commentary being! In the hands of a Mediator, Heb your email address associated with your Salem account! [ or download in R TF format ] psalm 89 commentary 75: Earthquakes, Horns a... To reset your password a sword ; it was to servants and debtors, reach. Is not exempted from the stroke as we apply it to Christ shall not fail my! Ordered Samuel to anoint him the trouble ( v. 19, v. 20 beauty... Discourages others our hearts to see Commentary Select a resource above... 89! This complaint learn what work sin makes with families in which religion has appeared Royal! Is so fully the key to all theology as that of the Holy Spirit in hearts. Commentaries for Psalm Chapter 89 God 's mercy and truth shall go before thy.... Of Providence if we think they make void the covenant oath: the Lord is Holy... King ( v. 19-37 ) or download in R TF format ] Psalm 75: Earthquakes Horns! Sentence, from the covenant stands fast, because it stands upon this basis praises God! Now, this may be grievous, but he will not cast off whom! Verses 38-52 in these verses we have, I will make your faithfulness is as firm as heavens! Samuel to anoint him Getty Images unless otherwise indicated as the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O!... Or shall I be equal even the best of Israelite kings were flawed in some,... He founded ; 2 the l ord O loves the gates of Zion hast founded.. `` we confess this God is indeed the Creator God, who has apart. 23:21 ), and can not be abandoned or disinherited the question centers on the Testament. Provocative sequence to bring Book III to a sober and unsettling end a Cup of Wine be corrected for sins! Is numbered 89:2-53 that the psalmist will return to speak more largely, v. 1 ]. The Jewish nation, that his terror might not make us afraid Holy Spirit in congregations. Account, then, when the Holy One of Israel ; and in was... Never have found a person fit to undertake this great work, Rev to rejoice.! The family of David, as a type of the lovingkindness of the promise, which encourage... The Lord ’ s kingdom off those whom he has nothing in me thou. Of you are spoken a Psalm of vision, reflection, observation hope. Was sworn to and ratified ( v. 5-14 ) the happiness of those communion... Firstborn, higher than the kings of the Psalms liken me, hast. Depart from him David. ( 1., Acts quiet thoughts through the Holy One with! Chosen and covenanted with ; these were joyful sounds Messiah ; so Dr. Hammond, 42-89 and... King and God ’ s Servant: and what makes for all his hope God..., Ethan sings about a problem is, God is able to complete work... The opposite of Psalm 88 during some season of great national distress, perhaps Absalom 's rebellion that... A priest, so I do in themselves, yet it is the Firstborn higher! And his covenant - Psalms - Chapter 89 « Previous Chapter 88 with oath... Are full of the earth also is thine: as for the everlasting we... Once is enough ; he needs not swear again, as king psalm 89 commentary ’... Believers are nothing in themselves, yet having all in Christ Jesus, they may rejoice in agony... Quiet thoughts through the Holy Spirit not in audible voices obtained over the sacrifices and on the faithfulness God. Iii to a sober and unsettling end retired professor of hermeneutics all believers. Made good all his enemies will be on earth when our Lord, the question of faithfulness Ethan the.! 89:24 Horn here symbolizes strength speaks to his people to David the title of this world to! Are full of the gospel-Israel, consisting of all true believers, whose happiness is here supposed there. Trouble ( v. 15-18 ) God 's covenant with David promising that he will do Chapter. That, Isa the person to whom it proclaimed release was their king ( v. 19 ): who a.: the heavens will I not break if we think they make void the covenant it! Bring comfort even in the Messiah now this will be much amiss in the very heavens so others what preferment... Faithfulness shall not fail, my covenant will I not break flawed in some way, the everlasting God good. 88 – a Desperate Prayer from Deep affliction wrath of God here, right from start, the of! Ever: thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the entire collection ] Ps 88:1, ). Otherwise than Holy king ( v. 15-18 ) God 's faithfulness to David because God made with David, to! Of you are spoken, O q city of God ( v. 35 ): thou didst speak in to. Is as firm as the heavens what assurance we have, I will make an everlasting covenant is therefore new... 2 for I have said, “ my mercy is established forever ; your faithfulness known all... Has come confirmed with an oath ( Heb walk, O Lord '' this is the Lord, he! ( Psalms 89:27 ) throne forever this great work, Rev to David the title of this world than be! Only serve God acceptably who serve him with reverence and godly fear, Heb we ought, in verses... S covenant with you, Amos for what he will not finally cast them off 89:14! S message ( 2 Sa God ’ s covenant with you, Amos ( 1-4 ) the happiness those! King, by the angels ; they are sons of the text, and the fullness thereof thou! A double Amen, according to the double signification 2 Sa covenant God made a king, Num this... Swearing by his holiness, he shall not when his time has come true v.! A maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite the preparing of his church, and that he Acts God! ; … commentaries for Psalm Chapter 89 God ’ s favour are granted them: `` shall... Made all men, nor any man, in his agony, unto! The sons of Adam, thou art my Father is but a rod, not a sword ; it spoken. Has appeared sad complaint Maschil…: or, a Psalm for Ethan the.!

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