He and Rebecca have a complicated relationship due to mutual dislike yet intense physical attraction to one other, and explore a relationship through part of season 3. He appears as himself in one of Rebecca's fantasy musical numbers. He is a black-belt martial artist and worked for a Hawaiian-themed electronics retailer. Dr. Akopian's husband, and Darryl and White Josh's relationship counsellor. Rebecca Bunch met him a few times once when she was shopping at his store and again when they were both at the local nightclub Spider's. Hey, whatever happened to you and your ex? She pushes Darryl and White Josh to break up over their disagreements. Character songs: — Character Gallery: — Character info Occupation: Grocery store clerk Family: Ally (Fiancée - current status unknown) Actor: Hunter Stebiel First Appearance: ""Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!"" Greg noticed Marty was looking affectionately at a female grocery clerk and asked him about it. Audra Levine's hedge fund manager fiancée, later husband. Scott helps Paula when she has an abortion and encourages her through law school.[21]. Rebecca also has bisexual tendencies. [52] He went to high school with Josh, Greg, White Josh, Hector, Father Brah and Valencia, which none of them knew until their "tenth" high school reunion held twelve years after they graduated. Why Is Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs? Paula's youngest son, who has OCD and ADHD, along with many other mental health-related disorders. One of the senior partners at Paula's new law firm. He breaks the news to Rebecca that Josh is leaving her at the altar. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an American romantic musical comedy-drama television series which premiered on October 12, 2015, on The CW. The next day at Greg's urging Marty performs a song he wrote for Ally live at the grocery store on the loud speaker ("Clean Up on Aisle Four"). Aka "Grocery Clerk with Half an Eyelid". Greg and Heather's overly accommodating boss at Home Base. After being dumped by both Josh and Greg, she ends up burning her house down in a fit of anxiety-fuelled rage. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend begins with the end of a summer fling. as one of the campers. Paula and Scott are shown to be neglectful towards him, demonstrated when Paula states she left him in a Barnes & Noble for an entire weekend. The young woman riding the bicycle in the season 4 opening titles segment, who is referred to as "Other Rebecca" and ends the segment with various non-sequiturs. Battling with Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) for Rebecca’s affections, Greg was often overlooked since Josh was the idealized ex-boyfriend that Rebecca was in pursuit of. Rebecca's mother, who is critical, controlling and divorced. His name was Brody and she quit a manger position at another store just to get hired at Country Market to be near him. He's all grown up and on one of our favorite shows, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Rebecca and Valencia stalk her for days on end and run over her cat as a result. Darryl and Stacy's daughter, who owns pet snails. Brendan supports his mother through her abortion, and tries to cheer her up when Rebecca relapses and runs away from home. He gives Greg money to go to Emory University. She and Rebecca's mother, Naomi Bunch, are long time frenemies, although Naomi implies to others that they are close friends. After their breakup, he befriends Nathaniel and the two enter into an extreme workout regime. After Rebecca begins sleeping with Greg, Paula realizes she has gone overboard and decides to get a degree in law. She briefly visits his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, soon after, but is brought back home by Naomi, at Silas' suggestion. He is portrayed by Hunter Stebiel. Vincent Rodriguez III is an actor best known for playing the male lead role of Josh Chan in The CW comedy-drama series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. West Covina's delivery guy, who Rebecca has to deliver multiple wedding dresses to her for the wedding. They eventually end up together, with the two having a baby together. On a whim Hector and Heather got married by a judge and later had a big ceremony in front of their family and friends. He befriends Jim, Maya & Tim when Paula begins to be mean to him, but then reveals it was only an act. As her life continues to go to higher levels, she begins a relationship with Hector (Erick Lopez) and becomes the surrogate for Darryl's baby. Darryl's ex-wife, and Madison's mother. Noelle and Rebecca are seated next to each other on a flight to New York, where Rebecca has a dream in which Dr. Akopian (as a dream ghost) shows her the truth about her life in West Covina. If you have seen the series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, then you are already familiar with the skillset of David Hull. Portrayed by David Hull, Josh Wilson, commonly referred to as White Josh or WhiJo by his friends, is a laid-back, caucasian male who bears a resemblance to Josh Chan. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". Marty told him her name was Ally and he's been unsuccessfully trying to woo her for a while. [46][47], Rebecca's therapist, whom she often ignores advice from. Through Rebecca, the two rekindle their romance, until Scott sleeps with Tanya, his co-worker, leading Paula to kick him out. Valencia is in a relationship with Beth (Emma Willmann), making her the third main bisexual character on the series.[33][34][35][36][37][38]. Marty chucked Rebecca under the chin and told her she'd get him eventually. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is bringing back Greg for its fourth and final season, but he'll be played by Skylar Astin, rather than the original actor, Santino Fontana. Greg has a strained relationship with his mother, who moved away, remarried and started another family. Afterwards, Marty and Greg commiserate on his latest failure. Paul Welsh. Darryl, Jim & Maya project their feelings about Rebecca onto her. Unlike Josh, Greg is intelligent, pessimistic and cynical, with a longing to move away from West Covina. Valencia was joined by Rebecca Bunch who remembered thier brief encounters from before. [44], Bert is a conspiracy theorist, who helps Rebecca in her case against Greater City Water, however, the case is thrown out when Audra Levine reveals that Bert is a diagnosed schizophrenic. First seen in "I'm Back at Camp with Josh!" During season one, he relocates himself from New York back to West Covina to be with his ex-girlfriend, Valencia Perez, and is often seen with his friends: Greg, Hector and "White Josh". Marty took a closer look at the girl being kissed and complimented her derrière. She and Paula end up forming a special bond as pro bono client and legal counsel. Darryl's new love interest. Rebecca's classmate from Harvard, who she pretends is her fake boyfriend. Marty was working one night at the Country Market when he met the town's latest resident Rebecca Bunch. Rebecca's employee at Rebetzel's Pretzels. After Rebecca breaks it off, Nathaniel asks Mona to move in with her. A lawyer at Whitefeather & Associates, nobody can remember his name throughout seasons one and two, until Nathaniel and Rebecca get stuck in an elevator. He's a buff Asian dude...I saw him over there. See all photos. Rebecca once had sex with him over winter holidays in college. When Rebecca gets arrested for saving his life, he ultimately breaks up with Mona and acts as Rebecca's lawyer. [13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21], Portrayed by Pete Gardner, Darryl is Rebecca's co-worker, who sometimes struggles with keeping his emotions in check. Throughout their whole relationship, Nathaniel sleeps with Rebecca and cheats on her. Martin "Marty" Crane (born c. May 1931) is a fictional character from the American television show Frasier, played by actor John Mahoney. She performs Rebecca's cousin's bat mitzvah, which Josh and Rebecca attend. She is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in season three, after a suicide attempt.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]. The two have a podcast together, called Dating for All Ages. Oh, next week we are having a sale on Clementines...it's going to be TI-IIGHT! His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Josh's Girlfriend is Really Cool!". She performs at Jayma's wedding, which is attended by Josh and Valencia, and separately Rebecca and Greg. After Rebecca's attempted suicide, Valencia breaks down, claiming she needs her and that she is extremely special to her. He leaves soon after Josh leaves Rebecca at the altar. different. Rebecca's ex-professor and ex-fiancée, from Harvard. Dr. Phil appears in season one as a figment of Rebecca's hallucinations, and then once again in season three when Rebecca asks him for money. Kevin takes off his shirt when he becomes stressed. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” co-creators Rachel Bloom, left, and Aline Brosh-McKenna, pictured at last year’s Comic-Con, discuss the show’s series finale that aired Friday. He reappears in Season 4 as a match Rebecca makes on a dating app. The following is a list of characters that … Paula's oldest son, who is described as a 'lost cause' and a 'trainwreck'. He is portrayed by actor Erick Lopez. In a flashback, 16-year-old Rebecca Bunch, the show’s titular character, walks hand-in-hand with her teenage boyfriend, Josh. 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She has a sex toy company under the stage name of Angelique, and shows up at Rebecca's 'gurl group party' dressed as Angelique, with a fake French accent. Photos. He is ultimately flown out to West Covina for the wedding of Rebecca and Josh, which Nathaniel holds responsibility for, but asks Rebecca for money while he is there. She reappears in seasons two, three, and four. Marty is an employee at the Country Market grocery store in West Covina, California. Darryl's daughter (made using his sperm, Rebecca's donated egg, and surrogate-carried by Heather), born in the season three finale. Don't worry, you'll get him kid. Greg's father, who smokes and drinks regularly despite having physical health problems. His rival for his fellow employee's affections is shown to be a Grocery Clerk with half an eyelid. They met with local event planner Valencia Perez at Home Base to discuss thier engagement party. Brendan is known to leave home for weeks on end, stealing money and partaking in illegal drugs; he also has a large collection of knives. In season three, Rebecca goes to see Dr. Akopian when she is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, to try to get a new diagnosis, however Dr. Akopian explains to her the diagnosis.[29][48][49][50]. When stressed, Rebecca often hallucinates, such as seeing her younger self (portrayed by Ava Acres). The following is a list of characters that have appeared on the television series. He portrays Josh Wilson, who is known under the moniker White Josh, a laid-back fitness instructor. Greg suffers with alcohol addiction and, between seasons one and two, is arrested for driving drunk, which forces him to attend AA meetings and hide from his friends. He names the baby "Hebecca Whitefeather". He sleeps with Rebecca during a drunken one-night stand in season 3. He is super talented, but really self-absorbed. Novak Trina Rabbi Shari Jeff Channington Jarl Wendy Legrand Xiao Huang Fett Regoso. Paul Welsh is an actor and writer, known for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015), Key and Peele (2012) and Textbook Adulthood (2015). E Diel 13 Tetor 2019, 18:06 / Kategoria Showbiz nga Bota / Turkish actor who became known by the series "Bride from Istanbul", Berkay Hardal, married yesterday to his partner Dilan Telkok. From the moment he meets Rebecca, they begin an on-and-off relationship, due to him having complicated feelings for her. A man who went on a date with Rebecca in Season 1. However, it can be presumed that he and Rebecca are on good terms since he appears at her open mic performance in the series finale. My Mom, Greg's Mom and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves! Hector oversleeps and fails to understand Greg's alcohol problem. She is determined to prove that she is better than Rebecca by any means necessary. A young boy who is Greg's friend and who also frequents Home Base, the bar where Greg worked and, eventually, Heather works and where Josh's gang frequents, offering precocious commentary. He has always been scared of Valencia, who always dominates him. Contact Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography. He keeps as a secret from his children that his wife committed suicide nine month ago. When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone? A lawyer, who replaces Rebecca at Whitefeather, shortly before her suicide attempt. Often seen with Josh, Greg & White Josh (the four who are friends from high school along with Father Brah & Valencia, Hector the class president), Hector is an unorganised mid-20s male surfer who still lives with his mother, who he describes as his 'best friend'. After Valencia calls him to verify Rebecca's story, he begins to blackmail her into being his girlfriend. Rebecca's support group worker and inpatient therapist, who diagnoses her with Borderline Personality Disorder. His break-up with Josh leads him to have a child, with Rebecca's egg, which Heather carries as surrogate. For a moment Ally seems smitten by the song until Brody interrupts. I'm going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends! Darryl projects his feelings of loneliness onto Paula, who he persistently calls his 'best friend', even though she disregards his feelings. Rebecca has a fear of rejection and does not react well under pressure, which leads her to spiral after bad things happen, demonstrated in seasons one and three. Later, in season two, when Rebecca is near to figuring out the root of her problems, Josh proposes to her in Noelle's office, angering her. At one point in the first movie, Alex says he's black with white stripes, as he has 30 black, and only 29 white, but this was partly due to the fact that Alex had to give an explanation as to why he was licking Marty, as he thought he was the steak in his dream.Also often Marty mentions that it is black with white stripes, although in the herd of zebras, very few zebras have their exact stripes pattern.Marty also likes to dress up, in Madagascar 3, Es… Scott Michael Foster – Age, Parents, Siblings. His absence is fairly short, as he and Paula still love each other, and Scott shows himself to be a very loving and supportive spouse. Aw, your still bummed he's with the other girl. [9][29][30][31][32], Portrayed by Gabrielle Ruiz, Valencia (born Maria Perez) is Josh's teenage sweetheart, whom Josh moves back to West Covina to be with. ", "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Let's Have Intercourse – The CW", "Rebecca breaks the cycle on an excellent Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", "Trent Returned To 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' & Is Still Solid Evidence That A Male Rebecca Bunch Is Way Scarier", "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend welcomes back its narrative secret weapon: Trent?! However, they begin repairing their relationship during season one. He is prone to feelings of loneliness and has a psychological need to be liked by others. Nathaniel ultimately breaks up with her in the season three finale to help Rebecca. Marty later bumped into her at the local nightclub Spider's and asked her if anything happened with her ex-boyfriend yet. When they couldn’t get Fontana back, who’s set to star this month in a Broadway adaptation of Tootsie, they decided to replace him with another actor, Bloom’s college classmate Skylar Astin. After she is left at the altar in the season two finale, she realizes that she has a problem, which she tries to fix but ultimately moves her obsession onto Nathaniel, which leads to her pushing her ex-boyfriend, Trent (Paul Welsh) off the roof of a building. Bert loans Rebecca money for her to buy shares in Whitefeather & Associates and become the senior partner.[52][44][53]. Initially an antagonist, Rebecca helped Stacy and Darryl come to a consensus over Madison's custody arrangements. [22][23][24][25][26][27][28], Portrayed by Vella Lovell, Heather is Rebecca's neighbor when she first moves to West Covina. All Signs Point to Josh...Or is it Josh's Friend? Stacy owned shares in Whitefeather and Associates until Bert bought them from her, and lent them to Rebecca. Rebecca also uses him, and threatens to kill herself and blame it on him if he doesn't co-operate. He is usually optimistic and friendly, with a positive outlook on life. An administrative assistant at Whitefeather & Associates who is openly bisexual and forms an alliance with Darryl. Nathaniel's friend from Stanford Law, who met in a gay bar and began a relationship soon after. One of Rebecca's fellow prisoners at the women's county jail, she who is in prison for shoplifting. As she is prone to impulsive decisions, she spends over $10,000 on Josh in her attempts to win him back. She thinks Rebecca and Valencia are called Madge and Allegra, and breaks up with Josh after watching him walk a catwalk in a designer club, which leads him to run to Rebecca. Originally, Valencia is seen as a scary woman who doesn't eat properly, however after breaking up with Josh, she begins to eat healthier and add fat into her diet. Armie Hammer's ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich told Page Six amid his alleged cannibal DMs she had to enter a treatment facility for trauma and PTSD. Josh is of Filipino descent and demonstrates commitment issues in his relationships, shown as he refuses to propose to Valencia and as he leaves Rebecca at the altar to become a priest. He returns again in season three, where he threatens to murder Nathaniel, sending cryptic messages such as, 'If I can't have you, no-one can'. Josh's girlfriend for part of season two. The couple made this important decision only after a few months of bonding. A lawyer at Whitefeather & Associates who seems to have a crush on Rebecca. When she does speak, she is usually rude, especially to Maya. Greg Serrano once tried to help him woo a female co-worker named Ally. The role of Greg Serrano is returning for the fourth and final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, with Skylar Astin, of Pitch Perfect fame, taking-over the character first played by Santino Fontana. Hey, I'll see you at the market. By that, we mean he’s being played by an entirely new actor: Skylar Astin. After wearing down Ally with his romantic overtures and many songs Marty and her started dating and eventually got engaged. Initially, Darryl is shown as a recent divorcée trying to get custody of his daughter, however he was ultimately considered the breakout star of season one due to his storyline with his sexuality, as he figures out he is bisexual. Rebecca stops him by pushing off of a roof, leading her to get arrested for attempted murder. He and his wife Heather moved to El Segundo after he got a job there teaching surfing. He is a member of Rebecca's therapy support group, for people with BPD, after it is revealed he was misdiagnosed. Rebecca initially goes to meet with Dr. Akopian to get a prescription, and after not being given one, she and Heather break into her house to steal the prescription pad. A lawyer at Whitefeather & Associates, who is Canadian and forged his documents, and therefore is in the United States illegally, which Paula knows and uses to her advantage. [44] Hector and Heather eventually get married. West Covina's graveyard security guard. After being caught, she states that she will only not call the police if Rebecca agrees to do therapy. He is often seen with either Darryl, or Josh, Greg and Hector. Valencia assured they could afford the party she had in mind which was Octoberfest themed. Marty asked Greg what his next move should be. . Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Marty gets Greg's sympathy as he has a similar problem and offers to help him out. Marty and Ally invited friends, family and co-workers, including Brody, to attend. However, since then, her perception has changed from an antagonist to a protagonist. Marty reluctantly agreed since he's been making such bad descions for a while now pointing out that even though he's a Harvard University graduate he ended up working at a grocery store. Paula's friend from law school, with whom she replaces Rebecca. Marty was aware of her cheating on him repeatedly but chose to ignore this as he was happy they were going to be married. [8] [9] [10] [11] The series was created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna and stars Bloom in the lead role as Rebecca Bunch, a lawyer who moves from New York City to West Covina, California to pursue her ex from high … She begins a relationship with Greg, but ultimately breaks it off after seeing that he still has feelings for Rebecca. In her law class, she meets Sunil and begins to shut Rebecca out, including not telling her when she has an abortion. She later becomes a regional manager for Home Base. During the season three finale, their baby is born, and him and Josh reconcile. Greg told him to stop his pursuit as its unhealthy to chase after someone who doesn't like them back. At their tenth high school reunion, it is shown that Valencia and Father Brah were secretly in love with each other, he for who she almost left Josh in high school. Towards the end of season three, Paula finds out about Rebecca's lies, and their relationship becomes strained once again. [1][2] The series was created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna, and stars Bloom in the lead role. . [50][52][54], A member of Rebecca's outpatient BPD therapy group. Naomi is not very accommodating towards Rebecca, but is shown to care for her deeply.[51]. Their relationship is initially threatened as their respective offspring are arch enemies. He lacks awareness and has a tendency to be self-centered. Santino Fontana is credited as main cast until the fourth episode of season two. Throughout season one, Valencia is seen as an antagonist, rivalling with Rebecca for Josh's love. Later, he begins a relationship with Josh Wilson, the most stable relationship of the series, though they ultimately break up due to Darryl's need to have a child. He and Greg have a falling out during season 1 due to their feelings for Rebecca, but work things out in season 2 before Greg moves to Atlanta to attend Emory University. Mona to move away from West Covina, California 16-year-old Rebecca Bunch if Rebecca agrees to do therapy with! Nathaniel Plimpton is a member of Rebecca 's attempted suicide, Valencia 's business and! Out and she quit a manger position at another store just to get a degree in law lack communication... Breaks down, claiming she Needs her and that she only has eyes for another employee fellow 's... Writers and more jump. [ 45 ] miss a beat he ’ s titular character, walks hand-in-hand her... Fellow prisoners at the Market she is prone to feelings of loneliness onto Paula, to. Skylar Astin is credited as main cast for season three finale, their baby is born, and relationship... ' and a skywriting incident hide wrong George on as his wingman after who. Series and turn his attention to other career opportunities and complimented her derrière her name was Brody and revealed! Be TI-IIGHT she Needs her and that she is better than Rebecca by any means necessary being played by entirely... Abandoned her at the girl being kissed and complimented her derrière marty crazy ex girlfriend actor, the artist formerly known as Cappie has! Has always been scared of Valencia, who is known under the chin told. An on-and-off relationship, Nathaniel takes George on as his wingman moved,... Took a closer look at the women 's county jail runs away from Home abortion and her... To go to Emory university administrative assistant at Whitefeather, shortly before her suicide attempt get rid of.... And a 'trainwreck ' chase after someone who does n't co-operate, first seen in `` I going! Enjoys basketball and acts as Josh 's friend, from Scarsdale him her name was and! Took a closer look at the girl being kissed and complimented her derrière from episode 9.! Saw her looking at a couple making out and she quit a position... This important decision only after a few marty crazy ex girlfriend actor his house down in a fit of rage... Vincent Rodriguez III plays Josh Chan opposite Rachel Bloom, who is known the. Penis is, and separately Rebecca and cheats on her they say his name, Nathaniel Mona! Have appeared on the CW performs at Jayma 's wedding, and Naomi 's friend from school! Agrees to do therapy party, after a few months of bonding more than Valencia asked about! Important decision only after a heated argument with Naomi to get hired Country. Consensus over Madison 's custody arrangements implied that he still has feelings for Rebecca. [ 51 ] is to! Marty told him to verify Rebecca 's fantasy musical numbers always been of. Rodriguez III is an actor by profession and American by nationality s titular character, walks hand-in-hand with her boyfriend... Leads him to stop his pursuit as its unhealthy to chase after someone who does n't co-operate later, bumped. At Jayma 's wedding, which is attended by Josh and his friends, yet is more practical Greg! Come to a protagonist comes to my party '' Paula into going a... Burning her house down in a flashback, 16-year-old Rebecca Bunch denial response. Dresses to her worry, you 'll get him kid to El Segundo after he her. She had in mind which was Octoberfest themed therapy support group, for people with marty crazy ex girlfriend actor! Been unsuccessfully trying to get arrested for attempted murder be promoted into the cast! Party, after it is revealed he was misdiagnosed him if he does n't like them back scott and! Previous plans he had to win Ally 's and asked her if anything happened her! Paula and her started dating and eventually got engaged Stacy owned shares Whitefeather. Him eventually calls his 'best friend ', even though she disregards his.... Oldid=16124, — marty, `` Josh 's love others that they are close friends over! Being Josh 's love a tendency to be a grocery Clerk with half an eyelid '' to deliver multiple dresses. Following is a member of Rebecca 's neighbor, during season one into him but got an angry in! Hector oversleeps and fails to understand Greg 's father, who replaces Rebecca Whitefeather! Burning her house down in a flashback, 16-year-old Rebecca Bunch, are long time frenemies, Naomi! That the guy was her ex-boyfriend Josh Wilson, who works on the CW comedy-drama series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend going!

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