Porsche Carrera 997, Boxster and Cayman 987


New version of the spacer. Updated in many details: the finish of the spline machining and the offsets, to better match the cars’ interior.

It retains all the original functionallities of the steering wheel: the buttons, the airbag, the paddleshifter and the steering wheel commands.

DISCLAIMER: the wiring harness which we provide to retain the steering wheel buttons functionallity, does NOT have the oem matching connector with click-secure lock, but has the same number of pins of the OEM connector, the same pitch and the wires do does have the same diameter. The harness works perfectly as is, and we will not accept claims about this. We don’t supply the harness with OEM connector (with the secure lock) because we couldn’t find it yet available for aftermarket suppliers, as we could for other brands (e.g.: Mazda or Subaru). Obviously, we keep searching, and we’ll be happy to supply it once ready.



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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 cm

5 cm – 2"



Kit set

Bolts, Central bolt, Washers, Wire for steering commands, Wire for the airbag’s unit, Youweel


DDM – Daily Driver Motorsport


CNC machined, both on male/female hub, 100% matching with OEM steering column and wheel

Wire Extension

Required for the airbag, Required for the steering wheel commands


The spacer replicates the same OEM fitment of the steering wheel on the column


Billet aluminum and steel CNC machined, PVC machined external cover


Matt black