Porsche Steering wheel Adaptor, 991 to 996


Our knowledge and experience gained in machining spline shafts made this idea came true: fit a 991 steering wheel on a 996.

My father owns a 991 GTS and my brother a Macan V8. They both have THAT steering wheel. So a pleasure to hold.

We thought it was cool to update the 996 interior look with such a good looking and Porsche original steering wheel, so we made this adaptor from the old 996 spline to the new type 991 spline.

With this adaptor you can install any 26 mm spline shaft steering wheel, even 997’s,  on the older Porsche since the 993.

WARNING: The adaptor is mechanical only, you should purchase a 997 or 991 steering wheel without the steering wheel commands, because is not possible to make them work on the old electronic.

The new style airbag will not work. Any test to connect the 996 airbag connector to the 997/991 socket(s) is at your own risk.

We suggest to turn the airbag warning light off using a resistance.

Loosing the airbag may be consider a loss, but after 15+ years, the 996 airbag functionallity, as well as all old cars’ airbags, are no longer guaranteed.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 cm

6 cm – 2,4"



Kit set

Bolts, Central bolt, Washers, Youweel


DDM – Daily Driver Motorsport


Billet aluminum and steel CNC machined, PVC machined external cover


991 26 mm spline on the steering wheel side, 996 16 mm spline on the steering column side, CNC machined, both on male/female hub, 100% matching with OEM steering column and wheel

Wire Extension

Matt black