595 Abarth steering wheel adaptor for Grande Punto Abarth


This is an adaptor to install a 595 Competizione or any other Fiat 500 steering wheel on the Fiat Grande Punto since 2005 to 2018.

The 595 Competizione (or even the 695 Biposto) steering wheel has much better looking and ergonomics and can be found with Carbon+Alcantara trim. A huge update to the Grande Punto interior.

And… yes: because they are both Fiat, the steering wheel controls are plug and play. Everything is plug and play, the airbag, horn, and the adaptor itself, which works as a steering wheel spacer.

The spacer improves the driving position, because it makes the steering wheel closer to the driver, for a “racing” driving style.

It can be fitted on cars already provided with steering wheel depth adjusting if you think it’s not enough. This is the perfect solution if you want the steering wheel closer to you without using any non-airbag aftermarket steering wheel.

Very simple fitting, and reversible: it can be unfitted from the car if you wish, and everything will return full stock.

The airbag wires does not need to be modified because they are long enough.

Have a quick look at the installation.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 cm

6 cm – 2,4"


The spacer replicates the same OEM fitment of the steering wheel on the column



Kit set

Bolts, Central bolt, Washers, Wire for steering commands, Youweel


DDM – Daily Driver Motorsport


Billet aluminum and steel CNC machined, PVC machined external cover


CNC machined, both on male/female hub, 100% matching with OEM steering column and wheel

Wire Extension

Required for the steering wheel commands


Matt black


A richiesta forniamo una versione che permette di montare il volante in carbonio delle 595 Competizione sulla Grande Punto. Contattateci!