An Italian invention born from the passion of driving.

In 2008 I had a Clio Renault Sport. It was our funny daily driver, but the steering wheel could only be adjusted in height it did not "come out"! We couldn't get it closer to the driver. I am 1,82 m tall and I couldn't enjoy the full potential of that car just because of this detail.

It was uncomfortable to drive in traffic, and not having the perfect driving position made it less funny.

I said myself: “how is it possible that cars are still made without depth adjustmentnowadays?”. So, I've been searching for a couple of YEARS, both in Italy and abroad, for an adapter, a device, any sort of thing that would bring the steering wheel closer. We searched from parts dealers, workshops, e-commerce websites, and forums. The same research that made you reader find us! I bet on it! Result: nothing.

The OEM car's steering wheel was too cool: full leather, with the marker at XNUMX o'clock, the steering wheel buttons. I didn't want to install an aftermarket steering wheel, because that would have fixed the problem, but what about the airbag? And in case of an accident? I didn't want to renounce to the airbag.

So, I took advantage of my studies: I am a mechanical engineer, graduated at the Politechnic of Milan University,, and I worked as a design engineerin a factory that made clutches for presses. For some years I've been a CNC machinist on a CNC lathe and a CNC mill. And I did the first prototype, which was intended for my personal use.

I couldn't imagine that, showing my mod on the forums, so many people was feeling my same need. So, a couple of years later, There are more than 50 steering wheel spacer modelsin the catalogue, and a company was born, which sells worldwide.

Not just steering wheel spacers

With the company growing up, we could realize the dreamto race on the track, and we set up a 2001 BMW M3 E46 to race in the Time Attack championship, having good results since the beginning to the 2022 season victory.

This experience and the knowledge gained, both technical and human, led us to create other products, like our CNC paddleshifter kitand the brackets to lower the seats. We also become official dealers of top quality products:

  • i OS-Giken Limited slip differentials from Japan .
  • ultralight batteries Liteblox.
  • Intercoolers from German company Wagner tuning
  • the Italian exhaust system Supersprint


We developed a steering wheel spacer specific to each car on which it's going to be used, and we help people during the installation. with the fitting instructions dedicated to each car model or car brand, can be downloaded from this site.

We have also published more than 20 video tutorial, which we record every time a customer allows us to shoot the video of the installation on his car.

Thanks to this, 90% of our customers carry out the installation at home, without having to go to the workshop.

Play video
Play video


Many people write us back enthusiastic emails after they install our steering wheel spacer. Some leave positive reviews on Google and on the other online platforms too, such as Facebook and the Forums dedicated to specific cars or car brands.

Our steering wheel spacer hasn't skip the media's watchful eye and it already has been tested (and purchased! they kept it for their own car) by Journalists, tests drivers and influencers. We report below some clickable reviews and videos so that you can find and read the original publications.

The most originalmessages we received are: “ you are the Batman of the driving position", while more than one told us we made them feel like the first day they bought the car they are passionate of. How can we think about changing job when they write us like this?

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I highly recommend fast installation, top quality materials and totally Made in Italy. This spacer allows you to find the optimal driving position that I didn't originally find on my mini.
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Truly special material, built with painstaking care and great passion. In addition to the steering wheel spacer, which is really perfect, I took camber plates for my Megane, spacers and centering rings made with absolute precision and of excellent material. Thank you very much Giacomo, number 1
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The quality is really good, feels very sturdy and secure. Install was simple and easy, it would have been great if they had included a little paper with installation instructions. (I installed OEM nut after the spacer, which i found out later on forums was incorrect). I took the kit off, and installed it correctly. The steering wheel is now in a very nice position, and took a few days of getting used to. But now i wouldn't want to go back. MX-5 NB
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I bought the steering wheel spacer for my 2022 Suzuki Swift 1.2cc 83hp hybrid 4WD model. The fit and the materials are great! I can use all the buttons on the steering wheel with no problem like the lane assist and the phone call buttons. Now i can drive my car with my arms relaxed because i am 1.93m tall as there were no in depth adjustable options available in my car model. I'm really happy with this product and Giacomo's feedback.
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell
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Fantastic communication, exceptional product and service .... Italy to Australia in 2 days !! Will happily trade with again, thank you. 996 Steering Column Spacer
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Article on motoiq Improved ergonomics on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
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Article on THEDRIVE.COM about how the steering wheel spacer changed the experience on a BMW
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Long thread on an English forum on which users share their experience with Spacershop products.


What is the steering wheel spacer?

The Spacershop Steering wheel spacer is a mechanical device composed of 2 parts, one in steel and one in aluminium. It has the function of a spacer, or a shim, an extension that approach the steering wheelof any vehicle to the driver. It brings it 5 or 6 centimeters (2") closer, depending on the vehicle model on which it is mounted. It can be mounted on cars, vans, pick-ups, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles of all types.

It is a new invention, available on the market since some years, whose innovation consists of bring closer the standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) steering wheel, the one which the vehicle was built with.

It brings the steering wheel closer, with the airbag, and, if present, the steering wheel controls and the paddles that actuate the sequential gearbox of vehicles with automatic transmission.

The innovation and the peculiarity of the steering wheel spacer is that it brings the steering wheel closer and leaves active and workingall options present on the steering wheel itself: the aforementioned airbag, the radio, cruise control, bluetooth buttons, the steering wheel heating, the lane assist and if the vehicle has an automatic gearbox, also the buttons or paddles that allow the gearbox to operate in manual and sequential mode.

It's lifetime guaranteed and maintenance free. It never needs to be serviced nor replaced.

What is the purpose of a steering wheel spacer?

The Spacershop Steering wheel spacer improves the driving positiongiving a sensation more space in the driver's seat and better vehicle handling. After installation, the seat is pulled back to maintain the usual way of holding the steering wheel and chest distance. So much legroom is created. With this little trick, the car (or van, or camper…) becomes more comfortable in every situation. In traffic it is more comfortable to operate the pedals, and you no longer hit the dashboard with your knees. The knees are always spared from the pains of an awkward position that no longer exists, as are the shoulders and neck. Even on long motorway journeys.

The steering wheel spacer generate the effect of amplifying the feeling of the steering actionbecause it increases the sensation of direct and quick steering, making the vehicle feel like a glove of which you feel an integral part, not just a driver who can operate the commands. All the driving setting becomes much more naturaland a clear driving pleasure increaseis perceived. Even normal vehicles intended for everyday use and not particularly performing, become as pleasant to drive as if they were sport cars.

This lead us to say that the Steering wheel spacer is a driving amplifierand makes the vehicle more roomy inside, therefore more comfortable, and smaller outside, therefore more manageable and pleasant to drive.

The steering wheel spacer Maintains the originality of the vehicle interior look. it is the only product on the market that improves the driving position without requiring you to change the steering wheel and it's designed in a way that looks like a component of the dashboard born with the vehicle in its factory. it is discreet and not very visible, oriented more to the pleasure of use than to be noticed.

Our spacer does not change the vehicle permanently.There is a specific version to each vehicle. And it's designed to be installed in a way that requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle, such as cutting or welding. It can be removed and everything goes back to the way it was before.

The tuning enthusiastsand the track drivers already got how comfortable the steering wheel spacer will be: by moving the seat back a little, the action on the brake can be better modulated, even with the left foot, as well as the heel-toe. With the close steering wheel you can even lower the seat a bit and you no longer touch the roof with your helmet.

How to install the steering wheel spacer on the car?

The Spacershop Steering wheel spacer repeats the OEM mounting method which car makers use to mount the steering wheels on their vehicles. All steering wheels are mounted on automobiles by means of a single threaded nut or just one big screw, and a grooved profile, or gearcutting called spline,different for each car brand. The steering wheel spacer is mounted in intermediate position between steering wheel and steering column, and is built with the same materials that are used to make the steering wheel and column: 'aluminum andsteel. The spacer replicate the shapes of the steering wheel and column, also of the spline, to ensure easy, fast, safe assembly, eternal. it is meant not to be never replaced or checked. Like the steering wheel of your car: have you thought about it that it doesn't come never checked during car service sessions?

Each steering wheel spacer is sold with assembly instructions included, available for consultation, before purchasing, on this site and can be downloaded, they are periodically updated to be dedicated to the vehicle to which they are dedicated.

The installation can be done either by a mechanicor by yourself. Whenever possible, we produce a video tutorial of the installation, specific for each vehicle, and we publish it on our youtube channel and on this site.

We are available to clarify any doubts before purchase, but also during installation, at any time. Via email, Messenger, Whatsapp, telephone and even video call.

You can do theinstallation both at our headquartersand at our retailers, and if you're not too far, it even happened that we went to customer's home. We have no day or time problems. We've done installations during our lunch break, after dinner, and even on Sundays. We like our work and we don't have time problems, unless there are special needs.

Where to buy? Do you ship? What payment do you accept?

You can buy online on this site, browsing the product pages divided by car brand. We accept payments with paypal and credit card. We ship Worldwide, by DHL. It can also be ordered directly by email from the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

We have a wide retailing network, available below and in this page

I can't find the spacer for my car, how do we do it?

This is one of our strongest features: nearly all our steering wheel spacers have been developed in collaboration with customers, often inhabitants in different continents.

If you can't find the spacer for you, we evaluate its creation together from zero. It is not necessary to have your car here, but you must first identify exactly the model and yearof your car, and it's even better if you send us one photo of the steering wheel.

For the creation of a new spacer, up to 4 to 8 weeks, and it may happen that we send you a prototypealso 3D printedto try to mount on your car to evaluate the aesthetic impact and if the shapes and dimensions are appreciable.

It happens pretty often that we send prototypes back and forth from United Statesor from our Australia or anywhere else and we have always managed to satisfy customers, which usually feels very enthusiast in this type of technical collaboration.

How close can the steering wheel be moved?

Our spacers all have a length of 5 cm (2″) which varies slightly according to the model of machine on which it is to be installed. This length is also the one that everyone is usually comfortable with.

It CANNOT be made shorter because there are minimum thicknesses to respect for safety. It can be done longer, up to 10 cm (4″), but we are rarely asked for such a lenght: only for people over 2 meters tall, or for drivers with disabilities, which we are always happy to work with. 6% of our products have been developed for people on wheelchair. 

Usually we do not acceptrequests for spacers 1 or 2 cm longer because the cost of designing them and moreover producing them becomes very high in relation to the benefit obtained.

If your car it already has depth adjustment, the steering wheel spacer can still be mountedand the existing regulation continues to work. Even in the case of an electric steering column.

Do the stalks levers stay too far after the installation?

The stalks and windshield wiper levers are not approachedwith the steering wheel, because they are originally mounted on the steering column of the car. For the first 2 days of driving you need to get used to it, but you will quickly learnto operate them with the tip of the finger and it is not even uncomfortable at all. The benefitof approaching the steering wheel is so much appreciated that it never happens that someone regrets to the point of wanting to remove the spacer because of the far stalks levers.

There are people who have found brackets, purchased online, and mounted them on the levers to bring them closer. We advise you to evaluate this purchase after a few weeks of driving with the spacer fitted, to be sure you really need them.

In case I don't like the steering wheel spacer, can I remove it and return to you?

Yes, return and refunds are accepted. In this case, however, the shipping cost is at your expense and you will be refunded after we will have checked that the product has no damage(even if only aesthetic) of any kind.

Accepting the return makes the purchase more serene, then it doesn't happen, almonst never, that we are asked for a refund for this reason. It's much easier than the same customer want to buy again in the future, when he changes car. Because once you have tried the steering wheel spacer, you can no longer stay without.

In any case, if you uninstall the steering wheel spacer, your car goes back exactly as it was before. The steering wheel spacer is a full reversible modification.

Are the wires inside the steering wheel long enough, or do they need to be extended?

Almost allcars does have the wires inside the steering wheel very long, and after installation of the steering wheel spacer can be reconnectedeasily, without being under stress while driving.  

In some cases, the steering wheel controls wires are too short, thus we will provide you, included in the kit, a plug-in wiring harnesswhich allow you to extend the wires without having to cut and weld them.

This is to make sure that in future you can remove the steering wheel spacer while leaving the car as it was before.

When possible, we supply the harnesses using the original connectors inside the steering wheel, fitted with a snap lock. Sometimes it is not possible to find these connectors on the market, and we have to use generic connectors, that work well anyway.

Does the steering wheel spacer void the car warranty? Is it approved?

Normally, going to the official assistance network with your car still under warranty and with any part of it modified (a bigger intercooler or turbocharger for example), can generate problems with the guarantee. There is no single answer for everyone, because the warranty policies of the OEM companies are not the same for everyone. Some of them who are very rigid, while others are are flexible and if the aftermarket part mounted has no relationship with the fault happened on the car, the warranty remains valid. For example: if you fit the steering wheel spacer and some time later the engine breaks down, there are dealers who will change it under warranty because the steering wheel spacer has no relationship with the engine. While other dealerships may decide otherwise.

In any case, the steering wheel spacer can be removed without leaving a trace on the car.

As for the homologation, it is not approved for road use in Italy. At the moment we are too small a company to undertake the bureaucratic path that leads to the possibility of obtaining the regular updating of the registration certificate, but it is something we would like to do in the future. For countries outside Italy, the laws are different for each country. We have supported individual customers who have sought TÜV approval for their specific vehicle and we are working towards TÜV approval for all of our products, but this will take time. 

Meanwhile, we are updating the site by publishing technical drawings that have been requested by individual customers to obtain TÜV approval on their vehicle, so that you can download them and show them to your TÜV office before purchasing to find out if they are useful .

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products, starting from the wheel spacers, are made in Italy and designed by us near Monza. We have the software and technical preparation to carry out the design, the cars CNC CNC and the software CAD-CAM for production and we lean on also to external companies, always in surroundings of Monzafor some stages of processing. Our suppliers are reliable companies and carefully selected that we have known, in some cases, for more than 30 years, during past work experiences.

The raw materials, aluminum and steel, are purchased brand newin form of 3 meters long bars, from large companies here near Monza, which supply the certification of chemical composition of the alloys used.

Some components are purchased abroad, and when it comes to large quantities and long term cooperations, we physically go to visitthe supplier companies and their production facilitiesto be sure of quality. If it happens that a supplier disappoint us, we drop the relationship, and we even change the technical solution they propose to us.

Many products that you see finished and ready to sell, are the result of many prototyping stepsin order to continuously improve to arrive at a result that satisfies us. To ensure the quality to customers and to control the suppliers we work with.

Does Spacershop just make steering wheel spacers?

The real question we are often asked is: “but... really: can you live on this?“. Because the novelty and uniqueness of the product is so much, that it often raises doubts, which we got used to listen, and we must confess that we even find it a bit funny.

This company does mostmanufacture only the steering wheel spacers, it was born from this idea, which was not originally thought to become a full time job. It had been the enthusiasmand thedemandof customers from all over the world (we sell to 95% abroad) to push us to create this company, and we have continued to grow even during the period of Covid

The passionfor the cars, the driving, racing, and tuningand developmentof the components, and the people known in our journey have always given new inputsto expand the range of products we offer, which also includes products that are not made by us but which have convinced us so much that we have become retailers, such as OS-Giken Limited slip differentials and Liteblox lightweight batteries.

Whenever possible, we create new products, or we testnew solutions, some of which arrive on the market, such as the CNC paddleshifter kit. We do not set limits to our creativity. All our project starts with "If I had the Magic Wand..." and we made certain projects just for the pleasure to do them. The only limits are time and resources, which luckily increase as the company grow-up.

Over the years, we have seen many customers change their carand come back here asking for the steering wheel spacer for their new car too: this always gave us confidence in the future.

If you've read this far, you're a part of us by now and we thank you for the attention and support you may want to give us. Enjoy browsing inside

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OS-Giken Limited slip differentials

OsGiken is a Japanese manufacturer of mechanical parts for high performance cars. It started in the 70s with engines, and then extended the range to gearboxes, clutches and Limited slip differentials. We of Spacershop we discovered it when we started participating in the Time Attack championship and we were struck by the effectiveness, reliability and being an innovative product, to the point of deciding to become an OsGiken reseller for Italy.

Lightweight and super light Liteblox batteries

Liteblox batteries are more than just a light battery, they are the vanguard of car batteries, a new concept of battery: no longer disposable, but which lasts for years and can be overhauled, and with the function of anti-theft and kill switch . German technology and production for cars for track and everyday use, of which Spacershop he is the dealer for Italy after having used them for years on the Time Attack tracks and on the road.

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