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In 2008 I had a Clio Renault Sport. Beautiful, fun ... I used it every day but ... the steering wheel could only be adjusted in height, it didn't “come out”! Couldn't get close. I am 1,82 m tall and I couldn't enjoy the full potential of that car just for this detail.

It was uncomfortable to drive in the traffic, and not having the perfect driving position made it less funny.

I said to myself: “but how is it possible that cars can be built today without them depth adjustment? ". So I searched for a couple of YEARS, both in Italy and abroad, for an adapter, a device, an accessory that would bring the steering wheel closer. I searched for parts dealers, mechanics, ecommerce websites, and forums. Nothing was found.

His steering wheel was too beautiful: in leather, with the viewfinder, the controls on the steering wheel. I could have fitted a goblet steering wheel, and I would have solved the problem, but… the airbag? And in the event of an accident? I didn't want to give up the airbag.

So I took advantage of my studies, I am a mechanical engineer, and my experience as a design engineer in a press clutch factory. For 2 years I had also worked in production on CNC machines: the lathe and the machining center. And I did the first prototype, which I thought I would keep to myself.

Who knew everyone would like it? So, years later, there are almost 50 models of steering wheel spacer in the catalog, and a company was born that sells all over the world.

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Bought this for my BMW E92 M3. Product fit and finish is great. I finally have the right driving position. Giacomo really helped me out when I needed some support with the cables. Good stuff.
Georg Deuschle
Georg Deuschle
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Quality of the spacers is very high and I am super happy with them. Considering the high complexity of machining and raw material costs the price is extremely moderate. Personal contact with the team was nice and professional. I wish them the very best!
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell
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Fantastic communication, exceptional product and service .... Italy to Australia in 2 days !! Will happily trade with again, thank you. 996 Steering Column Spacer
Daniel Mrohs
Daniel Mrohs
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I bought a Steering wheel Spacer for Mazda MX5 NB. Now i can sit more comfortably !! The Quality of the Spacer is awesome! It's easy to install and fits perfect. I can rly recommend the Product!
Francesco Nittoli
Francesco Nittoli
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Excellent solution, with their steering wheel spacer I achieved peace of mind on my mx-5. Finally I can feel comfortable having much more legroom (I'm 1.87 tall) the piece is of great quality, solid and worked very well

What is the SpacerShop steering wheel spacer

The SpacerShop steering wheel spacer is a mechanical accessory consisting of 2 parts, one in steel and one in aluminum. It has the function of a spacer, or a shim, of an extension that approach the steering wheel of vehicles to the driver. It brings it 5 or 6 centimeters closer, depending on the vehicle model on which it is mounted. It can be mounted on cars, vans, pick-ups, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles of all types.

It is a new invention, available on the market for some years, whose novelty consists in being able to bring the standard steering wheel, of original equipment, closer to the one with which the vehicle was built.

Then approach the steering wheel with theair bag, and, if any, i steering wheel controls and the vanes that operate the sequential gearbox of vehicles with automatic gearboxes.

The novelty and specialty of the steering wheel spacer is that it brings the steering wheel closer and leaves active and working all options present on the steering wheel itself: the aforementioned airbag, the radio, cruise control, bluetooth buttons, the steering wheel heating, the lane assist and if the vehicle has an automatic gearbox, also the buttons or paddles that allow the gearbox to operate in manual mode and sequential.

È guaranteed for life and it's maintenance free. He is never replaced.

What the SpacerShop steering wheel spacer does

The SpacerShop steering wheel spacer improves the driving position, giving more space to the steering wheel and better vehicle handling when you drive it. When mounted, the seat is retracted to maintain the usual way of holding the steering wheel and distance from the chest. It creates so much leg room. With this little trick the car (or the van, or the camper…) becomes more comfortable in every situation. In traffic it is more comfortable to operate the pedals, and you no longer hit the dashboard with your knees. The knees are always spared from the pain of an uncomfortable position that no longer exists, as are the shoulders and neck. This is also true on long motorway journeys.

Amplify the steering feeling, because it increases the feeling of more ready and direct steering, making the vehicle feel like a glove of which one feels an integral part, not just a passenger who can operate the controls. The whole driving setting becomes much more natural and a marked increase in driving pleasure is perceived. Even vehicles intended for everyday use and not particularly performing, become as pleasant to drive as if they were sports cars.

For this we say that the Steering wheel spacer is a driving amplifier and makes the vehicle more spacious inside, therefore more comfortable, and smaller outside, therefore more manageable and pleasant to drive.

Maintains theoriginality of the vehicle interior. it is the only product on the market that improves the driving position without requiring you to change the steering wheel and is designed in a way that looks like a component of the dashboard born with the vehicle. it is discreet and not very visible, oriented more to the pleasure of use than to be noticed.

It does not modify the vehicle permanently. There is a specific one for each vehicle. And it's designed to be installed so it doesn't require permanent modifications to the vehicle, such as cuts or welds. It can be taken apart and everything is as it was before.

Who loves the tuning and the guide on the track will have already guessed how well he will find himself: by moving the seat back a little, the action on the brake can be better modulated, even with the left foot, and the heel-toe is more successful. With the steering wheel close together you can also lower the seat a little and no longer touch the roof with the helmet.

How to mount the spacer on the SpacerShop steering wheel

The SpacerShop steering wheel spacer repeats the mounting method that car manufacturers use to mount the steering wheel on vehicles. All the steering wheels are mounted on the cars by means of one big one threaded nut or just one big screw, and a grooved or toothed profile, called ribbed, different for each brand of car. The steering wheel spacer is mounted in intermediate position between steering wheel and steering column, and is built with the same materials that are used to make the steering wheel and the column: aluminum and steel. The spacer replicates the shapes of the steering wheel and steering column, including the ribbed, to ensure easy, fast, safe and eternal assembly. it is designed to never be replaced or checked. Like the steering wheel of your car: have you thought about it that it is never checked during servicing?

Each steering wheel spacer is sold with assembly instructions included, available first on this site and then downloadable, and always updated to be specifically dedicated to the vehicle on which they are applied.

The installation can be done either by a mechanic or by yourself. Whenever possible, we produce a video tutorial of the installation, specific for each vehicle, and publish it on our youtube channel and on this website.

We are available to clarify any doubts before purchase, but also during installation, at any time. Via email, Messenger, Whatsapp, telephone and even video call.

You can do theinstallation at the our headquartersfrom retailers, and if you're not too far, it just so happened that we went to home. We have no problems of day or time. We have made installations during the lunch break, after dinner, and even on Sundays.


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